What We Do

The Center for Child & Family Development is an occupational therapy group that specializes in working with autism. These are just some of the things that we do for our clients and the community.

1. General child and family wellness; development enrichment, parenting education, family and community enrichment.

2. Customized Evaluation & Diagnostic services for children, youth & families designed to identify specific barriers and strengths that contribute to individual potential.

3. Customized Intervention for children & youth with learning, behavioral, and developmental needs due to biological, neurological, environmental or unknown causes.

4. Methods of evaluation and intervention are grounded in the application of current evidence-based research from a wide variety of scientific and educational theories and research applied to best fit each child and family’s needs.

5. Commitment to serving “The Whole Child” by collaborating with all family & community members, and professional who also provide service to each child and family.

5. Providing specialized technical assistance, training and advocacy for individuals, groups, and community members across educational, community, public and private settings.

6. Participation in consuming, producing and translating “gold standard,” cutting-edge research for the benefit of individuals, families and communities.

7. Providing leadership in service, research, training & technical assistance to professional and community audiences.

8. Support culturally diverse community members through specially designed educational, training, and innovative special events.

9. Cultivate connections with a wide audience of diverse health, business, educational, industry and arts partnerships with local, regional and national organizations to further attain The Center’s Mission: to promote, connect and disseminate health, wellness, accessibility, sustainability and support for each person’s full potential over the lifespan.

10. Provide high-quality community health promotion, developmental screening, intervention and evaluation and diagnostic services to the bi-state region.

11. The multidisciplinary members at The Center specialize in a wide range of areas: child & family development, parenting, children with special needs: autism spectrum disorder, oral & motor apraxia, developmental delays across all areas of development, sensory processing challenges, metabolic & genetic disorders, as well as other biological or environmental factors that may influence development over an individual’s lifespan.