Meet Dr. Debra Galvin

Founder & Director of Dr. Deb’s Center for Child & Family Development

Dr. Galvin, is an accomplished clinician, educator, and researcher. Dubbed “Dr. Deb,” by the children, youth, and families she serves, Dr. Galvin provides education and training for parents and professionals on a wide range of topics related to child and human development.

Dr. Galvin’s research interests focus on evidenced-based practices and translating current research findings into daily practices.

Her vision of creating a multi-disciplinary center grew out of her established private practice of nearly thirty years.

Under her leadership, the Center advances to meet the community’s need.

Education & Background

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Educator/Specialist in Special Education
  • Developmental & Child Psychology
  • Nationally recognized for clinical excellence and innovation for using customized, evidence-based clinical services.
  • Recognized for excellence in education at undergraduate, graduate and post-professional levels
  • Research: specialized in autism, evidenced-based treatment strategies, social and emotional development, sensory processing and regulatory disorders, attachment disorders
  • Recognized by Autism Speaks and other peer and community support organizations as a leading Midwest and National expert in serving children and families using a “Treating the Whole Child” approach. Dr. Galvin specializes in service, research, and training in the areas of Autism Spectrum disorders, sensory processing challenges, regulatory disorders, behavioral challenges, attachment disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, rare/low incidence disorders resulting from metabolic, genetic and environmental origins
  • Publications: Dr. Galvin has a long history of authoring peer-reviewed, scientific literature, as well as publications for community audiences

Debra Galvin, Ph.D, OTR/L

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