The Center is home to a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

We are a specialized group united by our passion and commitment to provide exceptional, quality care that is uniquely designed to be sensitive to helping the individual needs of the children and families we serve across their lifespan.

We seek to enhance the quality of daily life for children and families in their communities by:

  • Providing high quality therapy services dedicated to helping children and families reach their full potential.
  • We treat “The Whole Child”, including all those family and community members who contribute to the overall success of each child achieving full potential.
  • Working in collaboration with other professionals, educational organizations, and community based agencies.
  • Providing education, training, and technical assistance to individuals and organizations to support life-long learning for the benefit of children and families.
  • Contributing to research that benefits children and families.
    The united belief of our group is a commitment to providing customized care tailored to meet the individual needs of children and their families.
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